Ninja’s, Samurai, Greek Gods and Joan of Arc…. Wait Joan of Arc?

So i can see the confused look on your face already, what in gods name (or not my fellow atheists) do these things have in common. well im here to tell you.

Now im sure you wouldnt be surprised if i told you that these 4 things have nothing in common but that isnt totally true now, ever heard of a Video Game known as Warriors orochi (you have now). after my recent purchase of a Wii U i had been excited to get my hands on the latest title in the warriors orochi series that being Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper,

(box art)

So i have had the game a few days now and have been the hell out of it, imagine my surprise to find that the game includes characters from multiple different games. so far i have unlocked characters from Warriors orochi, Dynasty Warriors and Ninja Gaiden, as well as some totally unexpected heroes such as Greek Legend Achilles (psst psst hit the ancle) and Joan of Arc… yes you heard right the first 2 times the game features Joan of Arc.

(The Beautiful Joan herself)

The story of Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper is an unusual one, in the game you start as 3 warriors who are some of the last survivors in a world half destroyed by a Hydra. after failing to beat the hydra the warriors meet a young Mystic known as kaguya who can help the warriors travel through time and return to battles in the past and save their fellow fallen warriors in a hope to build a force great enough to defeat the hydra.

Despite the fact That Warriors Orochi 3 has a good premise and great charcters each with unique parts in the story, it isnt without a few fault’s. as many on Wii U’s Miiverse will not hesitate to tell you, the game suffers from terrible slow down, frame rate and draw distance Issues that make most players cringe.

I have been loving this game soo much and would love to give it exceptional Ratings but the issues let it down even if they are easily overlookedso i give the game a moderate 6.5/10.


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