Loli Vampires and their Battlefields


Recently ive been doing a lot of reading (actually i read a lot) and oddly enough the reason for this excess of reading is because ive fallen in love with vampire manga’s, perticularly the types with a Loli main charcter.

now where do i start, a few weeks ago while browsing in some of the darker places of the internet i stumbled upon a manga called ‘Blood Alone’, Blood Alone is about a relatively young vampire named Misaki and her human Gaurdian/companion Kuroe. Misaki is a vampire who refuses to use many of the skills that vampires posess such as taking Renfields (servants) and Farumek (a form of hypnotism), all she wishes is to live out a normal life and loving relationship with Kuroe. Kuroe on the other hand is a author and private investigator (specialising in vampire cases) who feels he has a duty to protect misaki, he is often oblivious to the feelings of those around him.

I really enjoyed this manga, it goes into great detail about the vampire world without straying too far from the romance between misaki and kuroe. unfortunately it isnt quite complete and the current status of the manga is unknown. i would definately reccomend to those interested in these types of stories but do keep in mind it may never be completed



After i caught up with Blood Alone i couldnt get rid oif that Loli Vampire mood so i decided to read Dance in the Vampire Bund. I have been interested in this manga ever since the anime adaption aired and am i glad i picked it up, for those who have watched the anime and are interested know that the anime only covers 5 of the 14 volumes available.

for the rest of you dance in the vampire bund is about Vampire Princess Mina Tepes AKA The Queen of Monsters and Akira Kaburagi Regendorf, a Werewolf of the earth clan who are servants and protectors of Mina. the story begins just off the coast of Japan where a new island has been built, shortly after its construction Mina Tepes reveals to the world that she is a vampire  (previously unknown around the world) and that the newly built island will become a new country specifically for vampires. the story revolves around the challenges Mina has to face as leader of this new country with akira by her side.

i have yet to complete this manga but im completely enthralled in the world and constantly look forward to reading the next chapters, like blood alone i would definately recommend to any vampire fan.


Phew that was a long post i feel slightly exhausted now, so with that i say to you Sayonara as i slowly creep to the book shelf where Dance in the vampire bund volume 8 is waiting for me



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